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Certification requirements and legal remedies : Sachsen

Landeswappen von Sachsen

Requirements for the public appointment and general swearing-in of interpreters, translators and sign language interpreters

  1. General Information

    Interpreters, translators and sign language interpreters who wish to work for courts and government agencies can be generally sworn in and publicly appointed. All job descriptions within this law shall be applicable to the male and female version alike.

    You may apply for your public appointment if you wish to perform such work.

    NOTE: You may be publicly appointed in Saxony even if you received a public appointment in another German state or outside of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    Pursuant to § 1 Sect. 2 Saxony Interpreters Code, the professional activity as interpreter in Saxony shall consist of oral language mediation only, and that of translators shall consist of written language mediation only.

  2. Requirements
    • German citizenship or citizenship of another EU state or business domicile or permanent residence in Saxony
    • legal age
    • personal dependability
    • documentation of professional qualification.

    The required dependability is generally not warranted if

    • you have forfeited your right to hold public office,
    • you are prevented from exercising the intended activity due to illness or addiction on a prolonged basis,
    • you are facing the loss of assets (e.g. if insolvency proceedings have been initiated regarding your assets), or
    • due to your economic situation you might jeopardize the intentions of the court or government proceedings.

    Documentation of the professional qualification may be provided by:

    • a state-certified interpreter or translator examination or an equivalent state-certified examination before one of the examination agencies specified in Attachments 3 and 4 of the Saxony Interpreters Code, plus a certificate issued by same regarding the successful passing of the state-certified examination,
    • a certificate obtained in the Federal Republic of Germany regarding the successful completion of university studies as interpreter/translator or sign language interpreter with at least 7 semesters of regular duration of study,
    • a certificate, obtained before 3rd October 1990 in the region specified in Article 3 of the German Reunification Agreement, regarding the successful completion of university studies with a diploma in language mediation, interpreting, translating, technical translating or academically examined translating at a university, or the successful completion of studies at a university of applied sciences as language mediator, interpreter or translator.
    • a certificate, obtained outside of the Federal Republic of Germany, regarding the successful completion of language-oriented university studies or studies as interpreter of the German sign language, as long as the State Ministry for Science and the Arts has accepted same as being equivalent with the above degrees,
    • a notification regarding the award of professional qualification without examination pursuant to § 11 Sect. 2 Sentence 2 No. 4 SächsDolmG if there hasn’t been an examination for that language during the past three years and no reasonable expectation exists that such examination will take place in the near future, or
    • a certificate issued by the State Interpreters Center for the Deaf between 1996 and 2000 regarding an examination for continued education in sign language interpreting.

    NOTE: If you have obtained your university degree abroad, you must apply for an acknowledgement of equivalency of your language-oriented university studies from the Saxony State Ministry for Science and the Arts. The respective application documents shall be forwarded to you along with the application documents for the public appointment by the Higher Regional Court in Dresden, and all documents (as specified in the application form) must be submitted to said office. The application shall be presented by the Higher Regional Court in Dresden to the Saxony State Ministry for Science and the Arts for a review and decision.

  3. Required Documents
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Certified documents verifying the professional qualification as interpreter, translator and sign language interpreter, respectively, such as documents, university degrees, certificates for the successful completion of the state-certified examination as interpreter or translator
    • For verification of personal dependability, a police certificate of good-standing (Document type 0) for presentation to the President of the Higher Regional Court in Dresden, reference no. to be the respective file number, and “Appointment as interpreter/translator/sign language interpreter”. The resulting costs are not reimbursable.
    • passport photo
  4. Legal Remedy

    In case of rejection you can within a month upon receipt of the decision lodge your appeal in writing or orally for recording. The appeal shall be lodged with the Oberlandesgericht Dresden, Schlossplatz 1, 01067 Dresden. Any appeal may also be lodged in electronic form if a signature under the provisions of the Signatures Act is provided.

  5. Costs

    EUR 80

  6. Legal Basis

    Saxony Interpreters Code Externer Link (SächsDolmG) dated 25th February 2008

    Saxony Interpreters Ordinance Externer Link (SächsDolmVO) dated 4th September 2008

    Administrative Code by the Saxony State Ministry of Justice on the Saxony Interpreters Code Externer Link (VwV Dolmetscher) dated 29th August 2008

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